Beer Can Make You A Better Designer. REALLY!

Added 11/5/15 12:08 PM

By Tomas Christensen, Senior UX Designer

When I start a new experience design project, I often think about beer.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Coin: Is this the future?

Added 10/30/15 12:08 PM

By Abigail Muir

Two years ago, when Apple Pay was but a whisper, I didn't really consider my wallet to be a problem space. But a charming Kickstarter video changed all that.

It explained that going through my wallet was really cumbersome. I listened. Three minutes later, I needed this thing, this Coin card, the solution to my problems. The pricing was flawless: $50 to pre-order the future. It took all of six minutes to convert me into a sale.

Unfortunately, there were delays in the manufacturing. So, the future took time (1 year and 11 months, to be exact) and by the time it arrived, I had to ask myself: “Is this it? Is this the future?”

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Designing a World Without Bullying

Added 10/27/15 5:08 PM

By Leigh Altshuler, Marketing Content Manager

At Motivate Design, we believe that everyone is creative and that creativity is key to solving problems. So, we developed the Reframework: an eight-step problem-solving process. But just because it was designed by a design agency, doesn’t mean it can only solve design problems (or that it should).

We want to tackle issues beyond design and we want to start now.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we had an opportunity to lead a UXDC Conference workshop filled with inspired, intelligent individuals. This wasn’t a traditional design workshop. We weren’t creating an app or solving an ROI problem. We applied design thinking to a real world issue that impacts communities on a large scale; we used our creativity ‘for good’. We decided to dedicate this time to bullying prevention.

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Breaking It Down: Finding A Moment for Twitter

Added 10/22/15 12:08 PM

By Matt Karp, Senior Design Researcher

One of the more noteworthy design changes of the last few weeks was the long-planned introduction of Twitter’s new Moments feature. In a bid to drive more engagement with trending topics and create a better means of browsing (whether you’re signed in or not), they have done the unthinkable and added a new element to a mobile interface that has remained relatively static over the last few years.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t been following the news leading up to the rollout of “Project Lightning”, so seeing it in my Twitter iOS app for the first time was a genuine surprise. A perfect opportunity to talk about onboarding for the digital space (if you want physical, check out our post about Maple's sticky UX)! 

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Our Top Three Techweek 2015 Takeaways

Added 10/21/15 12:30 PM

By Leigh Altshuler, Marketing Content Manager

I spent the week at Techweek absorbing knowledge from leaders in the New York City tech, design, and startup communities. Notebook in hand, I came prepared with a lengthy list of questions I hoped to have answered. Though I'm still curious about the trend in dog-centered design, here are answers to my top 3 questions from Techweek:

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The Parallels Between Storytelling and UX

Added 10/14/15 12:08 PM

By Mona Patel, CEO

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Future of Storytelling for my second time. FoST is by far my favorite event of the year; I get to unwind and absorb the creativity while shamelessly geeking out at the awesome events. (Think: Comic Con for creatives). FoST is unique in that you don’t quite comprehend its power until you leave. Surrounding yourself in immersive, creative experiences forces you to forget about the immediate takeaways and truly live in the moment of the stories. I began to think about the role that storytelling plays in UX design, and realized how similar the two are. I left feeling energized and wanting to reframe the way I think about UX. My top FoST 2015 takeaways:

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A Minimum Lovable Product Is The Goal

Added 10/7/15 5:08 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Marketing Operations Manager

I recently attended a few tech talks that have begun to reference the importance of having the MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) rather than an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Those who support an MLP-mindset believe in launching with a superior user experience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who adopt an MVP-mindset stress primarily launching only with the necessary features to make the product functional and not adding anything more beyond that.

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4 Tips For Hiring A UX Designer

Added 9/30/15 5:08 PM

By Jesse McBride, Senior UX Recruiter


In a competitive market like User Experience (UX), it only gets messier. Common statements like “we’ll need them to do all the visual and UX work”, or “they’re going to need to code in HTML/CSS and JavaScript” serve as the bane of many a designer’s existence.  The gap between skills sets and many job descriptions is often wide, and can only be bridged through education and understanding. 

Nowadays, your business does not have employees; your employees ARE your business. Bringing the wrong person onto your team can negatively affect culture, alter team dynamics, and even lead to the failure of a product.

 As a design focused recruiter who studied user experience, my perspective on this issue is a bit 2-sided, so I would like to share some of what I’ve learned over the past few years. 

Here are 4 things to be mindful of when hiring a UX designer:

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Maple: Super Sticky UX

Added 9/25/15 3:00 PM

By Scott Pobiner, Vice President


Do we really need another food delivery service? No, we don't but that's not why I think Maple is sticky (pardon the pun). What makes Maple sticky is great UX: from before you knew you were hungry, until you've eaten your last bite of seared edamame and quinoa salad. Here's what Maple does exceedingly well to grab customers (like our extremely excited team members below) and hold on:

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Making UX Insights Matter

Added 9/16/15 9:45 AM

By Wendi Chiong, Senior Design Researcher

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak with General Assembly’s UXDI Immersive course. I was thrilled to meet a whole cohort of new UXers who are excited to begin their careers in this field.

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