AI & UX: Small Intelligence Will Rule the World, Part 2

Added 5/1/15 9:47 AM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Within hours of sending off Part 1 of this expose of sorts on my new best friend “Amy” I was greeted with a multitude of different responses from the community, everything from “SO EXCITED, I just signed up for the waitlist” to “AI is not quite there yet!”

This has been sparking a lot of interesting debate within the Motivate Design confines and beyond, and I’d like to directly ask for your comments:

Do you think that artificial intelligence will replace user interfaces? If so, will the user experiences that will ultimately be designed solely focus on how a user interacts with that AI? (Check out Part 1 for a slightly better wording of this question.)

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Don't Wait for User Research

Added 4/30/15 11:30 AM

By Matt Karp, Senior Design Researcher

There’s no better case to be made for supporting your revitalization (or introduction) of a product or service than hearing it firsthand from the target customer, and there are any number of ways to get to those insights. 

On a recent visit to San Francisco I made a stop at Little Star Pizza, an Italian restaurant known for their deep-dish pizza. It was a popular place on a Friday night, so I expected to have to go through the usual motions of putting my name on a waitlist and hang around for an hour or so until my name would be called.

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AI and UX: The Birth of Small Intelligence, Part 1

Added 4/23/15 8:55 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Who is your favorite Artificial Intelligence persona from any movie? This is the question that asked its Twitter followers a few weeks ago to spark interest in their contest for Ex Machina tickets and having your very own “Amy” -- an AI-powered scheduling assistant.

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Mobilegeddon!? The Impact of Google's Mobile-Friendly Search Algorithm

Added 4/22/15 5:02 PM

By Ryan Horgan, Design Researcher

It has finally arrived. Google is changing its mobile search algorithm, and this shift has more than one major affect on the digital ecosystem.

Google’s mobile search algorithm now favors mobile-friendly websites

This switch is going to shake up the rankings on the search engine, which will deliver some major blows to companies who have yet to adapt to the mobile landscape. Google says that about 50% of its searches occur on mobile; meaning the change will affect half of all the searches that take place. Those who will take the brunt of the impact are small businesses that rely on the visibility of local web traffic and might simply be unaware of the changes or the mobile trends shaping their future.

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The Jenga World of Hiring

Added 4/13/15 12:30 PM

By Mona Patel, CEO

At a small company, when you have somebody leave a core team, everybody’s jobs change.

Recently, the vice president of finance and operations put in her two-weeks notice as she was presented with an opportunity that would take her closer to home in Southeast Asia (I'll call her Jane). It felt like a blow, and I knew that although this was a great move for Jane, I had to move fast to replace her given how critical her role is to the company. To help us with the hiring process, I asked Jane to bring in candidates with similar backgrounds, yet no one compared to her. It was only after a few interviews that I realized that I wasn’t approaching this situation correctly.

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Fear and Excuse Personas: Why Isn’t Innovation Happening?

Added 4/10/15 5:27 PM

By Emily Chu, Senior Design Researcher

A Recap of the NYC UXPA Talk by Mona Patel, CEO of Motivate Design

Look at your work, your environment, your life and think of an answer for this question, "Why isn't innovation happening?" 

“It’s because of my corporate culture.”
“We don’t have the time or money.”
“I already have a lot on my plate.”

These are just some of the answers that the audience shouted out during Mona Patel’s talk at this month’s NYC UXPA event. And to be fair, all of these answers seem like fair points, but are they valid? What’s really stopping you from innovating?

Everyone perked up in their seats as Mona whispered into the microphone, “…could it be you?”

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Nothing to Fear, the What If Technique is Here!

Added 4/8/15 11:11 AM

By Anastasia Gregorakis, Public Relations Intern

Here's how I'm designing my future with the help of the What If Technique™

As an intern at Motivate Design this spring, I have been fortunate enough to participate in several What If Technique (WIT) workshops that have allowed me to grow in many ways. In my life and the lives of all individuals, problems arise that must be solved. Whether they are simple or complex, each problem must be looked at from an abstract point of view. To look at an issue abstractly is to conceptualize any possible solutions beyond the confines of conventional limitations and whatever emotions you have wrapped up in the probelm.

In my case, I am on the cusp of a major life change as I move from the academic world to the professional one.

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The What If Technique: Conversations, Cocktails, and Creativity

Added 3/19/15 5:20 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Think of the most exciting thing you’ve ever had to share in your life! What was it? New job. Kid on the way. Bought a house.

For the team and me here at Motivate Design, our most exciting thing so far in 2015 is the What If Technique™ (WIT). But before you go search our site to find out more about the process, I wanted to share something our CEO, Mona Patel, shared last week at the exclusive preview for her upcoming book Reframe: Shift the Way You Think, Work, and Innovate. With the room filled with thought leaders that spanned multiple industries, she proceeded to say:

"Think of creativity like a muscle…everyone has it, but some people are more toned and flexible than others because they use that muscle and have strengthened it. Don’t believe me?”

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The What If Technique Studio Experience: Backstory

Added 3/18/15 5:50 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

What If Wednesday could be like Friday?

Wednesday. It's the infamous hump day. The day where you’ve just escaped the lulls of Monday, but aren’t quite close enough to the highs of Friday to celebrate the productivity of a week. Well, we might have a solution for you to try.

Last Wednesday we opened our doors to everyone around New York City and asked them to escape the standard drawn out eight hours and instead get their creative juices flowing by participating in a What If Technique™ Public Studio -- a creativity and design thinking workshop created to help you reframe your blocked, creativity-drained mindset. Below is the retelling of the events from last Wednesday and more info about the problem participants tackled: making Backstory a reality.

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It's a UX World: General Assembly & the Mona-logues, 4th edition

Added 3/4/15 3:30 PM

By Anastasia Gregorakis, Public Relations Intern

The fourth edition of the “UX Mona-logues” took place last month when General Assembly hosted Motivate Design's CEO Mona Patel for an unplugged conversation. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, Mona gave current GA students insights and UX hiring tips to help them as they approach the next step of their careers. The entire question and answer session was unplanned and unscripted, encompassing topics like how to effectively market your personal brand in the UX industry, what is most attractive to potential employers, and how to master the interview process. Mona offered tips, examples and a few laughs to inspire and educate the students.

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