A UX Fairy Tale: The Fox, The Prince & The Pursuit of the Perfect Gift

Added 7/28/15 8:00 AM

By Mona Patel, CEO

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye.”
- The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
As designers and creatives, a great deal of our work is done behind-the-scenes, invisible to the outside eye. Countless hours are dedicated to brainstorming, conducting research, collecting data, nurturing big ideas, using your imagination and discussing endless possibilities - all in the pursuit of the perfect user experience.

But how do you explain this process to a child?

Here is our creative answer to the age old question, “Mommy (or Daddy), what do you do at work?”

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It’s Hard Not to Love First Round

Added 5/28/15 7:42 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Have you heard of First Round Capital before? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. All you have to know is that they’re a Venture Capital (VC) firm that is “laser-focused on helping seed stage companies become the next big thing.” Sounds like any other firm out there, right? Wrong.

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UX Design: A Passionate Love, for a Brand

Added 5/15/15 10:45 AM

By Anne Borremans, Senior Visual Designer

Publix is the best grocery store in the country, if not the world. 

I have two coworkers, Abby and Leigh, who agree with me. I know this because the other day in the office someone mentioned Publix, and the three of us proceeded to passionately talk about its wonders for a very long time. 

So what is it that makes a brand so great? What drives a customer to be so satisfied with a brand that they will only see the good in it? They will promote and defend it. The happy customer will essentially become part of that brand’s team. They take sides, and in the case of a Publix fan, Albertsons is lame. Whole Foods is deficient. Not even Wegmans can compare.

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A Look Behind the UX: Biking the Experience

Added 5/14/15 11:00 AM

By The Motivate Design Team

A glimpse at what inspires our Motivators, the Motivate Design employees, in their daily work lives and beyond. Syrena Huynh and Julie Thiery share how their experiences biking across America shape their UX careers and daily lives.

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Interview Tips: Sneaky S**T My Boss Does in Interviews

Added 5/7/15 4:30 PM

By Lois Siegel, Senior UX Recruiter

Don’t get trapped in these interview pitfalls!

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#MPOWR-ing Young Creative Thinkers

Added 5/5/15 3:57 PM

By Jack Cole, Director, Design

For the past 6 months here at Motivate Design, we’ve been focusing on evangelizing the power of asking “What if?” to help unlock the creative potential that exists within all of us.

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AI & UX: Small Intelligence Will Rule the World, Part 2

Added 5/1/15 9:47 AM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Within hours of sending off Part 1 of this expose of sorts on my new best friend “Amy” I was greeted with a multitude of different responses from the community, everything from “SO EXCITED, I just signed up for the waitlist” to “AI is not quite there yet!”

This has been sparking a lot of interesting debate within the Motivate Design confines and beyond, and I’d like to directly ask for your comments:

Do you think that artificial intelligence will replace user interfaces? If so, will the user experiences that will ultimately be designed solely focus on how a user interacts with that AI? (Check out Part 1 for a slightly better wording of this question.)

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Don't Wait for User Research

Added 4/30/15 11:30 AM

By Matt Karp, Senior Design Researcher

There’s no better case to be made for supporting your revitalization (or introduction) of a product or service than hearing it firsthand from the target customer, and there are any number of ways to get to those insights. 

On a recent visit to San Francisco I made a stop at Little Star Pizza, an Italian restaurant known for their deep-dish pizza. It was a popular place on a Friday night, so I expected to have to go through the usual motions of putting my name on a waitlist and hang around for an hour or so until my name would be called.

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AI and UX: The Birth of Small Intelligence, Part 1

Added 4/23/15 8:55 PM

By Sean Echevarria, Business Partnerships Lead

Who is your favorite Artificial Intelligence persona from any movie? This is the question that x.ai asked its Twitter followers a few weeks ago to spark interest in their contest for Ex Machina tickets and having your very own “Amy” -- an AI-powered scheduling assistant.

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Mobilegeddon!? The Impact of Google's Mobile-Friendly Search Algorithm

Added 4/22/15 5:02 PM

By Ryan Horgan, Design Researcher

It has finally arrived. Google is changing its mobile search algorithm, and this shift has more than one major affect on the digital ecosystem.

Google’s mobile search algorithm now favors mobile-friendly websites

This switch is going to shake up the rankings on the search engine, which will deliver some major blows to companies who have yet to adapt to the mobile landscape. Google says that about 50% of its searches occur on mobile; meaning the change will affect half of all the searches that take place. Those who will take the brunt of the impact are small businesses that rely on the visibility of local web traffic and might simply be unaware of the changes or the mobile trends shaping their future.

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