This course gives you everything you need to conduct and sell 2-Week Research Sprints, generate powerful findings and insights, and demonstrate value to influence business needs.

Turnkey Playbook

Step-by-step guide to conducting a 2-Week Research Sprint from planning and project definition to delivering a compelling report, including needed templates, decks and printable materials

Sprints in Action

Interactive examples and exercises for you to test and learn 2-Week Research Sprints in action

How to Sell

Everything you need to sell a 2- Week Research Sprint

Bonus Material

Including how to be non-salesy and still sell: Lessons from Mona Patel on building Motivate Design and personally selling $25M+ in UX business

Community Support

Built in community to support your needs and answer your questions from our experienced coaches


Including internal templates, decks and printable materials

The presentation from Mona about her framework for a research sprint was a true mind shift. In terms of thought leadership, I found that to be the most radical presentation I’ve attended in awhile. Kudos!

Nicole B.
Capital One


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