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Founded in 2009 and based in New York City, Motivate exists to empower organizations to realize the potential of better customer experiences.

Meet Our Motivators

Mona Patel

Founder & CEO

Peter Kornberg


Ken Moran

VP, Director of Operations

Raunaq Saran

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Cole

Director, Design Practice

Kara Filipp

Director, Business Development

Kiersten Nash

Director, Strategic Design & Innovation

Lois Siegel

Director, Recruiting | UX Hires

Beyond the Work

Mona’s personal portfolio site featuring all of her thoughts and creative explorations as a leader, speaker, and author.

Origin Story: The How & Why Behind Motivate

The story of how a love of designing great experiences for clients through insight-driven methods led to the creation of Motivate Design.

TedX Talk: See Problems as Opportunities

Equal parts personal and inspirational, Mona speaks to a New Bedford TEDx audience on reframing mindsets from “can’t” to “can.”

Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate and Think


In Reframe, the CEO, Mona Patel, shares her recipe for the first time, along with the compelling story of how she got there, on how to spark innovation and creativity anywhere, anytime.

The Thing About Swings


Motivate Design CEO Mona Patel walks us through the design process and inspires children and adults of all ages to question, dream, and design a better world. 100% of the proceeds from The Thing About Swings will go directly to support E-School for Girls, a program designed to empower underserved young women to become confident leaders and entrepreneurs.

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