Imagining the Future of Banking

The Challenge

‘How can we explore what is on the horizon in digital
banking while working with internal teams to build
a roadmap to get there?’

The Reframe

How might we anticipate and address common pain points of high net-worth customers before they even experience them to build brand loyalty?

Our Approach

Facilitate Friendship Groups™ and ideation workshops to go deeper with customers building empathy and familiarity with their wants and needs.

Drive discovery-based insights through to concepts that aimed at transcending the status quo.

Organize and collaborate with internal FRB teams through validation and usability research to continually implement and revise visionary initiatives.

Our Methods

  • Friendship Groups™
  • In-depth Discovery
  • Reframe Workshops
  • UX Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Ongoing Support

The Results

  • A redesigned, responsive banking experience meeting and exceeding the needs of demanding modern high net-worth customers.
  • 20% increase in satisfaction ratings on average among beta testers (customers and non-customers).
  • An average 5-star App Store rating post-launch.

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