Trust and Women’s Health

The Question

How do women determine who or what sources to trust when it comes to their health?

Background: Motivate Design would like to better understand when a medical professional’s credibility is undermined in order to uncover opportunity spaces for maintaining it within the vertical.


Insider Insight 2-Week Research Sprint

Who We Talked To

10 Insiders had a conversation with a Connection, who they know sees a doctor but also consults additional sources when looking for a medical opinion, in order to understand what credibility means to them and how it can be maintained within the vertical.

10 women
7 states
Ages 25-65

“I’m very very suspicious of the pharma companies. They are just pushing one pill after another down your throat. I feel most of them, I don’t know whether I’m right or I’m wrong, even the ranges, the parameters, the clinical parameters for blood pressure or blood sugar levels, I feel it’s all driven by pharma. It’s like a big nexus. It’s all these big corporate giants. They are trying to push more and more medicines, more and more surgeries, so I’m a little skeptical. I’d rather try the home remedies because you don’t lose anything.” 

– Sheila (53) Dentist



Comprehensive understanding of the needs of women when it comes to credibility within the context of their health

Key findings that can validate and challenge assumptions for products, services and brand positioning

Creative and strategic analysis to drive next-steps

The Reframe

How might you increase trust and transparency between women and top players in the industry, such as healthcare systems or pharmaceutical companies?

Next Steps

“So What, Now What?” Workshop

Insider Insight 2-Week Sprint

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