Why Not?
Why people don’t get screened for Alzheimer’s

The Question

Why don’t people get screened for Alzheimer’s?

Background: Gearing up for a new initiative around Alzheimer’s, the Ad Council held a focus group to understand, ‘Why people don’t get screened for Alzheimer’s?’
In exchange for permission to present the findings as a case study for the method, we ran a complimentary Insider Insight trial project to compare findings.


Insider Insight 2-Week Sprint

Who We Talked To

10 Insiders had a conversation with a Connection who has Alzheimer’s present in their family history, and people who are in the age range where they think about it.

10 conversations
4 states
Ages 25-77

Why Die Twice?

“A friend of mine lost her husband to the disease and when he died, she said it was the second death. Getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was the first.”

– Sandra, 49



Confirmation of what was heard in the focus groups

Comprehensive understanding of why people would and would not get screened based on their experience with Alzheimer’s

Uncovered a new layer of insight that was not found in the focus groups

Creative and strategic analysis to drive next-steps

The Reframe

When it comes to Alzheimer’s, knowledge isn’t always power. Therefore, how might the Ad Council design a new initiative that strategically repositions the screening?

Next Steps

“So What, Now What?” Workshop

Design Sprint

Idea Validation

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