Know Me, Then Show Me What I Need

The Challenge

‘Help us deliver a better experience for new and existing customers that instills confidence
in Mediacom’s
products and improves digital sales.’

The Reframe

How might we re-engage with customers
online getting to know them sooner in order
show them Mediacom’s unmatched value that meets their needs?

Our Approach

Define a experiential strategic vision for Mediacom’s multi-phased evolution
of its digital properties.

Establish a gateway experience that introduces prospective customers
to the very best that Mediacom has to offer.

Inform and deliver an exemplary experience to customers that is reflective
of Mediacom’s value and reliability encouraging exploration into package options
that are best for them.

Our Methods

  • Expert Reviews
  • Reframe Workshops
  • UX Strategy
  • Design Sprints
  • Usability Testing
  • Ongoing Support

The Results

  • Revamped front door brand experience aligning
    customer needs and expectations with business-focused ecommerce KPIs.
  • Unified user flows transitioning new customers to engaged users via the MediacomConnect support app.
  • Established a cohesive strategic digital vision among internal teams through
    instituting and facilitating ongoing quarterly Digital Council sessions.

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