About Us

Motivate was founded in 2009 with a single-minded intention - to help companies succeed in by giving them access to the best talent and methodologies to deliver maximum business impact from their digital products and services.

Our 95-person global team specializes in reimagining complex experiences, optimizing or buildng digital touchpoints (websites, mobile and desktop applications and enterprise tools) and innovating new concepts to gain competitive advantage.

Peter Kornberg


Josef Dvorak

Chief Product and Innovation Officer

Mona Patel

Strategic Advisor

Michal Kalousek

CEO Europe

Ondrej Moravec

Chief Delivery Officer

Jan Kozerovsky

Chief Technology Officer

Kiersten Nash

Strategic Design and Innovation Consultant

Lois Siegel

Director of Talent Solutions

Petr Sidlo

Sales Director

Otto Kalivoda

Technology Sales Manager

Martin Pulpitel

Head of application development