5 BS Excuses for Why You’re Not Succeeding

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When it comes to the UX design process, people can sometimes be their own worst enemies. For an ideation session to be productive, new concepts need room to breathe while assumptions and consensus need to be questioned at every turn.

But it’s all too easy to fall into patterns of thinking that can hamper this process. Maybe you’re dismissing ideas out of hand before you really take the time to consider them fairly. Or perhaps you go along with what seems like an obviously bad idea because everyone else seems to think it’s great.

Whatever the case, we’re here to tell you that the excuses holding you back are a bunch of BS.

Many of us adopt “BS personas” without even thinking about it. These personas are a simple way of characterizing the limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward in our lives, careers, and relationships. At one point or another, we all fall into some of these patterns, but by identifying their causes and impact on our actions, we can find ways to overcome them.

To learn more about “BS excuse personas,” join Motivate Design CEO Mona Patel in our latest video as she breaks down the five most common personas she sees every day and offers some advice for breaking out of self-limiting beliefs:

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