Audible Insights Episode #11 – Mona Patel

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This podcast and the below copy was originally posted on Insights Association’s website on April 28, 2019 .

About Our Guest, Mona Patel, CEO, Motivate

Mona is a dynamic, engaging entrepreneur with 17 years experience convincing leaders at some of the world’s biggest brands to understand, value and optimize their customers’ experiences. She is the author of the bestseller Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think which inspires others and offers an actionable roadmap for ideation. She is also the Founder and CEO of Motivate, a User Experience (UX) research, strategy and design agency as well as UXHires, a UX-focused staffing agency.

Time Stamps:

1:25 – How improving UX can help ALL companies. Not just hearing what people need, but helping clients see the value of fulfilling that need.

2:57 – The impact of social media on the customer experience; the influence of people on decision making.

5:00 – The blending of UX & MRX – what does it mean for each field?

7:00 – A new approach to qual – friends having conversations with cool people.

10:00 – What needs to change in traditional MRX to implement true innovation in UX and qual research.

11:15 – A fascinating example of non-traditional UX.

12:25 – Merging more traditional MR with next-gen UX research.

15:00 – How the Ad Council gained a deeper understanding of Alzheimer’s screening than what a typical focus group uncovered.

18:50 – Finding questions that clients didn’t know they needed to ask.

21:12 – Telling compelling stories blending qual & quant.

24:45 – A sneak peek at Mona’s new book.

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