The Product Breakfast Club – Episode 49: MONA PATEL on Starting and Growing a Multi Million Dollar Design Agency

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Jonathan interviews Mona Patel, who really makes Jonathan look like a boring, lazy person in comparison. Mona is the founder of 3 companies: Motivate Design, UX Hires, and Insider Insight. Aaaand she’s the author of Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think. Jonathan who?

Some of the topics covered:

  • Mona’s story in a nutshell. Her work at NASA(!!) and Kodak. 🤯
  • How do you prove yourself in a company? Speak your mind, but only if you have something useful to say! 😛
  • Jonathan ADMITS he doesn’t think research is useless, and where it’s can be best employed. 🤓
  • THE INSIDERS! Who are they?! How are they contributing good karma to the world? And what is the Observation Method
  • Solopreneuring…while pregnant! 🤰🏽
  • How to hire well. 👩🏼💻
  • Tony Robbins comes into the story at some point. 🕺🏻
  • Why you should read Mona’s book, Reframe. 📖

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