The Product Breakfast Club – Episode 71: Mona Patel on How to find your Dream Mentor

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All-time favorite guest Mona Patel—Founder & CEO of Motivate Design—is back to chat with Jonathan in another AMAZING episode! This is a really fun episode that’s also PACKED with great advice. Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • What matters to Mona in building a company?
  • How does Mona deals with people problem at Motivate Design?
  • The difference between a President and a CEO
  • The importance of self awareness in a founder
  • New Island vs Old Island metaphor & managing big change in a company
  • The importance of R&D & Thinking Time
  • Jonathan’s Temperature Checks at AJ&Smart
  • Loneliness in entrepreneurship & how to avoid it
  • Relationship banks & Canvas Strategy
  • Why you should do your research before asking someone for help
  • And last but not least, HOW TO INTIMIDATE MEN!

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