We’re Revolutionizing UX Research: What is Insider Insight?

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Here at Motivate Design, we’re passionate about developing new ways to empower our clients with innovative strategies that help them better understand their customers. Since we got our start in 2009, we’ve utilized a combination of interviews and ethnographic research to support people who care about creating a great customer experience.

But we wanted to go deeper. How could we get the information that exists in the world without spending the time and money needed for more intensive research methods? Could we find a way to understand what people need through real-life conversations instead of formal interviews?

These are the questions that led us to develop our groundbreaking Insider Insight methodology. Using our network of insiders, we leverage real relationships to start authentic conversations as a way to hear answers to the questions we never even thought to ask.

Unlike a traditional interview or focus group, Insider Insight takes an unstructured approach to getting to the truth about what people really think and feel. Whether it’s a quick “gut check” to confirm or negate what a client thinks they know, or a more intensive genuine exploration to tell them what they should know, our team analyzes these provoking conversations to craft compelling stories that showcase authentic experiences.

It’s a revolutionary new approach to discovery that gets to the heart of the issues people care about and allows them to be heard in ways that simply aren’t possible in a neutral interview context. For companies looking for research that will surprise them and help their creative teams take a leap forward, Insider Insight can deliver the answers they need to design products and services for real people.

To learn more about how Insider Insight is reframing traditional research, join Motivate Design CEO Mona Patel and Insider Insight Curator Mary Warren for an in-depth look at the methodology in our latest video:

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