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Cabtech Cycling

Kolofix – mobile service of bicycles for the 21st century
UX Research, Strategy and Design
  • Branding
  • Administration
  • Development (iOS and Android apps)
  • Testing


Cabtech Cycling

What We Did

As first we prepared branding with a universal logotype. After that we fulfilled the vision to create a new standard: make the bicycle maintenance as easy as possible for the customers and at the same time improve the contract planning and capacity planning for repair shops.

The Outcome

  • New brand - Kolofix. Simple, easy to understand and universal, so that it could be used in the mobile application, on the website as well as for sponsoring.
  • A mobile application through which the customer can order bicycle repair in a workshop, at his or her home or directly on the street where it will be taken care of by a special service vehicle.
  • We connected the application to an administrative interface for well-arranged planning of service capacities.