Origin Story: The How & Why Behind Motivate Design

Like any good user experience project, Motivate Design came into being to fit a specific need at a specific time. In this case, that time was around 2009, the heady years following the explosion of the smartphone market when companies scrambled to deliver new technologies and improved services that better matched the needs of their customers. With so many companies building out their own UX teams, there was an opportunity for dedicated design firms capable of providing the tools, techniques, and fresh perspectives those teams needed to deliver better experiences.

And so, Motivate Design was born.

Founded by CEO Mona Patel, Motivate Design was built on the premise that happier customers result in more successful companies. By establishing a design-minded team culture with an unrelenting emphasis on delivering excellence through substance, relevance, and beauty, Motivate Design found exciting new ways to empower clients with empathy-driven strategies that helped them dig deeper their customers’ motivations and needs.

In the years since 2009, that mission has expanded to incorporate innovative research strategies like Friendship Groups, which leverage existing relationships between friends and family to uncover what people really think, and staffing solutions like UX Hires, which helps match companies with skilled UX candidates.

Motivate Design remains focused on doing great work, approaching design as a means to serve the people who buy products and services. Whether working directly on designing solutions for clients or serving in a support capacity, Motivate’s inspiring team of UX experts are committed to helping companies maintain their edge and climb even higher.

Insider Insight is the latest groundbreaking methodology that’s reframing expectations of what’s possible from UX research. Based in dialogue and rooted in real-life conversations, Insider Insight draws upon a global collective of listeners, thinkers, and doers who have the ability to get the tough answers companies are after. By incorporating these answers into authentic stories that speak to genuine experiences, this revolutionary method can produce thought-provoking insights that connect clients to their customers and reveal what they didn’t know. And it can get results in two weeks or less.

With headquarters in lower Manhattan, Motivate Design is home to an inspiring team of individuals with expertise in user experience-led qualitative research, interaction/visual design, and staffing. To learn more about the company’s history and meet the people behind its ongoing mission to push the boundaries of UX research and design, check out the video below:

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